Copywriting for the Healthcare Industry

Passing The Baton / The Relay Race of Life


The Healthcare industry starts at home with you and I. The maintenance aspects of health, wellness, and fitness in our daily lives is, has been, and continues to be a constant challenge to some of us. However, to those who have been fortunate enough to have not dropped the baton, and who have held on to it long enough to pass it to the next runner-up, the longevity of life awaits them with open arms. They have gained a second wind, a renewed spirit of accomplishment and have proven themselves worthy of what it takes to thrive the 21st century, of not only technology, but even more important : an active lifestyle.

Inasmuch, this is where I come in. I am a copywriter for the Healthcare industry, and my job is to keep you and the industry in accordance with the various aspects of healthcare; running smooth, steady and strong, while at the same time, striving toward the goal of optimal performance– just like an Olympic athlete. How I do this? One way, and the way in which I prefer, is by winning the confidence of business owners who want to increase their profits in one of the many and various sectors of the health care industry. From then on out, the next step entails establishing a well written, persuasive direct response letter that will find its way into the hands of the hundreds of thousands of prospective consumers of a particular product or service.